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AWS CloudOps

Professionally certified AWS Cloud Engineers to ensure your business can operate with confidence.

AWS Cloud Engineering

We develop secure, scalable, robust and best practice recommended engineering solutions for your product platform.


We assess, evaluate and recommend solutions to ensure you can meet your customer's demands.


Need architectural support? We can review, recommend and propose solutions in line with your requirements.

At firstblox, we simplify the AWS Cloud Engineering experience for Startups and Scale-Ups.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Discovery

We meet online to discuss your product and business. We provide a short questionnaire to better understand the AWS cloud profile of your business. We understand if we are a good fit to work together. We provide you an overview of our services to review.

Step 2 - Choose Product or Subscription

We offer a mixture of subscription and one-time Cloud Engineering services. We'll make a recommendation on what may fit best for your business. Once you choose, we get you set up.

Step 3 - We work together

We on-board your product team to our comms channels. We provide an overview of our standard operating procedures. At this point, we begin to take action to assist your business in a meaningful way.

Why use an online Cloud Engineer?

Answers in a predictable timeframe

We offer 3 tiers of subscription services, each with their own response time. We always answer within the prescribed time frame. In 90% of cases, we respond far quicker than prescribed.

AWS Cloud engineers on demand

We're available 7 am - 7 pm Mon-Fri. Send us a request, we respond or set up a follow-up call. We offer solutions, recommendations, support, and engineering expertise.

We can help reduce running costs

It can be challenging to find the time to implement the latest AWS Billing recommendations. Let us implement any cost optimizations to keep your cloud costs in check.

Professionally AWS certified

Our engineers are professionally AWS certified. The knowledge and experience necessary to achieve professional certification is vast. Use our experts to your business advantage.

Accelerate delivery

We implement techniques to reduce the delivery time of your applications. Avoid being distracted with Cloud Engineering issues, concentrate on delivering value to your customers in other ways.

Follow best practice

We highlight areas for improvement across your application stacks in line with best practice. We develop a roadmap of best practice enhancements in line with your business needs.

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