Why we started #CloudConscious

#CloudConscious is a Conscious Capitalism initiative created by firstblox in May 2020.

Our world changed earlier this year in many, many ways. Some of the biggest impacts have been on people’s livelihoods. Small business owners have been affected globally. We have to admit we’ve not been immune to these business impacts albeit, and luckily for our business firstblox, only in a minor way.


At times like these, we believe innovation and a conscious approach to business can help. Businesses can evolve and be restored to a position where they can flourish.


Governments have a major part to play, but so does the eco-system in which each of us works.
The firstblox eco-system is in the arena of AWS Cloud Technologies, Startups, and Scale-Ups.  Our purpose is to serve our customers with integrity and to develop innovative solutions to elevate their position in their respective markets. These same businesses may be able to give some of their Cloud spend to relief programs at this time. We started #CloudConscious to unlock this capability between businesses and these programs in a conscious way.


To this end, we’re reducing participant companies AWS Cloud bill through Cost Optimisation solutions. Companies then donate at least the first month of savings to a relief program of their choosing.
Growing our business is also something we’re striving towards and we aim to do this consciously. It’s not lost on us that we are promoting our business somewhat through this initiative. This is the capitalism part, but in doing so we are giving back to the eco-system first.


See here to find out how your business can do the same. Please share and tag businesses you think may be interested in taking part.


We’re currently working with two high-profile Dublin based Tech. Startups, more info on this in the coming weeks.