Miura Regulatory Technologies are automating the regulatory compliance lifecycle with the help of firstblox and AWS Cloud technologies.

Company Background

Miura automates the whole regulatory compliance life cycle using document scanning and natural language processing technology, backed up by a team of Regulatory Experts.

The challenge

Miura provides a complete solution to compliance lifecycle automation for a number of financial institutions. Enterprise-grade Cloud Security, Reliability, Resiliency, and Performance are key to achieving this on behalf of their customers.
Our team was tasked with architecting and provisioning a foundation that directly aligned with these goals. As the business prepared to ramp up in 2020, firstblox was requested to design and provision the solution in a short time-frame.

Why firstblox?

We understood from speaking with firstblox initially that they understood the needs of our business, and that they had some direct experience achieving similar goals for other B2B Enterprise SaaS product businesses. After some discussions and agreement on delivery milestones, we were happy to engage and get started.

Alex Martin – CEO.

The Solution

  • Designed a Secure and Cost Optimised Architecture in line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
  • Designed and provisioned secured per tenant document storage capabilities with IAM controls.
  • Developed Serverless Document Parsing Infrastructure.
  • Developed a new SaaS API proof of concept.
  • Provisioned a new Cloud Foundation with best practice Security and Compliance as key requirements.
  • Automated 99% of Cloud Infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code.
  • Created Security Assurance documentation for newly acquired Enterprise Customers.
  • Provisioned Monitoring, Logging, and Notification infrastructure to assist with Operations.

Technical Results

  • Automated/Scheduled Document parsing with a 100% success rate.
  • Data secured at all layers.
  • 99% Infrastructure as Code coverage.
  • Zero configuration drift.
  • 100% of changes audit-able and traceable.
  • Automated and on-demand scaling capabilities.

The Outcome

  • Document parsing is now automated saving the team countless hours.
  • The team can now provide customers with security assurance.
  • The team are now confident in their infrastructure standing and are prepared to scale and grow with their customer base.
  • All deployments and infrastructure changes are traceable allowing for fast root cause identification in cases of error.
  • The platform has been built with scale in mind and applications have been configured to scale seamlessly.


As our business began to ramp up we needed to build a secure Cloud Platform to services our customers (financial institutions). After meeting to discuss our goals, firstblox recommended a clear approach to laying our cloud foundation and building our architecture. They then engineered solutions that saved us countless time, money, and effort. They’re a great fit if you’re looking for solid skills and experience working in the AWS Cloud. I highly recommended them if you’re starting or scaling a product company.

Alex Martin – CEO.

At firstblox, we simplify the AWS Cloud Engineering experience for Startups and Scale-Ups.

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