#CloudConscious with FoodCloud

#CloudConscious with FoodCloud

At firstblox, we recently launched the #CloudConscious initiative. Our goal was to provide cloud billing relief to Tech Companies in the long-term while redistributing much-needed funds to Covid-19 relief programs in the near-term.


Our first participant is the extremely successful Irish tech startup and social enterprise FoodCloud


FoodCloud is a non-profit social enterprise that connects businesses with surplus food with Charities and Community Groups that need it. See here to find more about the great work they do and here for more information about how you can volunteer.

In May this year, we reached out to FoodClouds Head of Engineering, James Clifford, to pitch #CloudConscious. James was on board from day one, and as with most engineers working in the cloud, he had experienced some recent bill shock that he was keen to avoid in the future!


In keeping with the #CloudConscious campaign’s spirit, and given FoodClouds non-profit status, we agreed that any savings gained would go directly back into the social enterprise.

We set to work and immediately identified some critical areas of FoodClouds Infrastructure for more in-depth analysis. We identified three critical areas as promising candidates for optimization. 

We developed custom scheduled downtime services using Serverless technologies for applications, databases, and containers. In other words, we automated turning off cloud resources in periods when they would not be needed.

In total, this represented a saving of approx. €7,800 annually.
The firstblox engineering effort between meetings, development, and implementation was approximately 8-12 hours. We consider this a success considering the money saved and the recycling of funds back into this ever-expanding social enterprise.


Many thanks to James Clifford and the FoodCloud team for taking part. We’re in the process of working with one other high-profile Dublin based startup. We’ll post more info on this once the results are available.

See here to find out how your cloud services business can take part. 

Please share, and tag businesses you think may be interested in taking part.